Removal of Delhi Gurgaon Toll Plaza

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Delhi Gurgaon Toll Plaza

 Delhi Gurgaon Toll plaza can be aching of past, very son. As per what we have been hearing from the market and various news papers like Times Of india etc. the government is taking a final decision on the removal of this ‘Problem’ very soon.
 The Delh Gurgaon Toll Plaza is more of a hindrance than anything else. If you happen to live in Gurgaon or cross this plaza on daily basis, then you will relies that normal hours or non peak hours it takes about 5 to 6 minutes to cross this Toll Plaza. In the peak hours I have personally spent about 45 minutes in clearing the Toll.
 Delhi Gurgaon Toll plaza is grossly mismanaged plaza, even if you are crossing the Plaza in your vehicle fitted with automatic deducting device, it does not help at all. As most of the vehicles in the Auto lane are without the required device and have to pay money manually at the plaza, which results in delays for the vehicles fitted with the device.
 A lot of times you will find one of the toll booths not working , because of which the queues become very long. As if these problems were not enough for the daily commuters, the wise persons in Govt. department decided to make a U turn just before the Toll Plaza, which has really added to the existing chaos.
 For last two years or more there is a tussle going on between  NHAI and the operator DGSCL which now seems to be ending and thus paving the way for the removal of the Toll Plaza.
 Once this Delhi Gurgaon Toll plaza is removed, the travel time between Gurgaon and Delhi going to reduce considerably, and is going to save our country most precious fuel which all the vehicles waste while waiting at the Plaza for long time. This will further impact on the pollution caused by the Fuel Emission.
 Removal of the Toll Plaza is not only going to help the commuters but also is going to be a big favor to the nation.

 Jai bharat.