Disclaimer – Privacy and Terms

Settlers India Disclaimer – Privacy and Terms

Disclaimer – Privacy and Terms

General : It is our endeavour to give our customers best results and best value for money products. Based on our experience and expertise , we suggest options for our clients to invest in / buy / rent, with the intention of giving best available product to our valued customer. However, we advise our customers to do their own due diligence of the product before investing.

settlersindia.com / Settlers India , is a trading company and is not directly involved in manufacturing / construction etc. . We are selling products constructed by third party/parties, the guarantee of the product being bought by the customer cannot be taken by settlersindia.com / Settlers india.

Copyright : The entire content on this website is unique content, written by us . Viewers / Users / Customers / Competitors are not allowed to copy any of our content for public use.

Rates and Availabilities : All the rates and availabilities mentioned on our portal are subject to change.

Photos and Pictures : We try our best to upload actual photos of all the properties being listed on our site. Unfortunately, it cannot be true for all the listings, some of the photos used on our site for sale and renting of property, are not the actual photos of those properties. Our intention if not to mislead our customers, but the nature of our business does not allow us to upload the actual pictures for all the properties. The other reason for not uploading the actual pictures of the property is, that some property owners do not send property pictures at all.