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Real Estate Market to Thrive in Pune by Private Equity Leaders

The local economy, that has witnessed quite lower impact because of economic slump, and uninhibited influx of IT professionals, have been responsible for grabbing attention of private equity leaders in property market of Pune. Both office and residential spaces have been enjoying great demand in Pune.

In Pune property market, investments in private equity have been bounced back at Rs. 1464 Cr with whopping 300% jump in 2013. According to Cushman & Wakefield, one can enjoy heavy returns by investing in correct project because of increasing demand for residential spaces. This city has bagged fifth part of total inflow of Rs. 7000 Cr from private equity that is 13% more than last year in the real estate sector of the country.

In the inflows of private equity, the hike was literally because of increasing residential real estate investments and various other sectors such as hospitality and retail investments. The number of real estate deals has been rose up to 40 in the year 2013 from just 34 in 2012, the deal size, on average, has been reduced to $28 Million (Rs. 175 Cr).

The expected entry of REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is another factor which is responsible to motivate private investors. Other factors are expected fall in inflation and financial deficit and hike in GDP after Lok Sabha elections. Cushman & Wakefield executive MD (South Asia) Sanjay Dutt said that the residential asset will keep on providing remarkable potential for real estate growth. When the demand for housing is increasing in the city along with investment of funds in assets, specifically as non-exchangeable debentures, are giving assured returns. One can enjoy great returns by investing smartly in right project.

Chairman and Country Head of JLL India (a real estate consultancy), Anuj Puri has added that India is expected to have over 1 million of population in 68 cities, over 4 million in 13 cities, and 10 million in 6 mega cities by 2030. This way, the country will enjoy great opportunities. Hence, investors are more interested in real estate and educated citizens thrive to transform second most popular nation of the world on a powerhouse of talent.

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