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Kharghar – The NEXT Investment Zone in Navi Mumbai

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Kharghar – The NEXT Investment Zone in Navi Mumbai

Kharghar – The NEXT Investment Zone in Navi Mumbai

Great connectivity, new housing inventory and availability of affordable homes led Kharghar to become the next realty destination in Navi Mumbai. It is accessed on NH4 (Mumbai-Pune Highway) and it is just an hour’s drive from the heart of Mumbai. Today, it is the third highly developed node after Vashi and Nerul in Navi Mumbai. It is an appealing real estate proposition for both real estate investors and home buyers. Kharghar is well connected to commercially active nodes like CBD Belapur, Vashi and Taloja industrial hub. Residents who are commuting to Mumbai for business or work, Kharghar provides great connectivity through state transport buses, harbor rail route, and BEST Buses.

The social and basic infrastructure has considerably been developed in Kharghar over several years. It is considered to be the education hub of the city. It has several schools from all boards and colleges in different disciplines. The area fulfills the needs of every age group from senior citizens to children. Kharghar is also the liquor-free zone because of having several educational institutions.

A Sector 6 resident, Ambika Khullar has witnessed the development of Kharghar from scratch. According to her, when they settled in Kharghar around 9 years ago, it was just in the nascent development stage and the population was very low. CIDCO had several plans for Kharghar. So, they were assured that they took a right decision. Their decision of living there is proved right over time with improved access to lush green parks, great education facilities for kids, and healthcare facilities in the node. There are several internal roads for those who love to enjoy long walks. The serene natural beauty, especially in rainy season, has caused envy for most residents and the balcony opens up to the hills and fog on both sides.

In Sector 23, the most anticipated Central Park is proposed to be developed as per the concept of Central Park in London. It will be stretched over 80 hectares of landscapes and will be covering three sectors. It is going to be the perfect destination for both passive and active recreations.

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