T bhimjyani Realty

T Bhimjyani Realty Introduces Neelkanth Woods for Inspiring Natural Living

Along with executing and designing the creations in the form of dream homes, T Bhimjyani Realty is known to craft long-lasting memories which can carry the vision of the developer ahead for several years to come. T Bhimjyani is well-versed to providing innovative living spaces according to the diverse needs of the home buyers. Their philosophy relies in giving what the residents truly deserve. They don’t just provide what they really want. They have great roster of projects and ambitious drive to deliver the fresh venture. Along with hoping to change the lifestyle, they are providing the life which can definitely be worth enjoying.

T Bhimjyani Realty was founded by Tulsi Bhimjyani which formerly belongs to Neelkanth Group around 40 years before in the real estate industry. The developer has witnessed the 4 decades during which they have developed not just towers and homes, but precious goodwill. They truly straddle the ideal balance of dedication and integrity. The company keeps on going through the journey on the path. Neelkanth Woods is the flagship independent project which is aimed to break through the clutter of traditional houses and present the concept of living life which is close to nature. The project is fully surrounded by the well manicured greens and bountiful open landscapes. The developer is aimed to evoke the spiritual presence in the people and help them reconnect to the natural way of living. The landmark projects in Worli and Alibaug are the next world-class presentations from T Bhimjyani Realty.

The developer believes in crafting all the tangible things of lasting value belong to some of the endless intangibles, such as Integrity, Respect and Humanity. Their enthusiasm clearly defines their existing status and what they are going to be in future. They adhere to their standard principles that help them to work with the sense of empathy and warmth with all the stakeholders. They are delivering the purpose and pleasing structures that can truly transcend the testimony of time.  They are well-versed to establish their business in the field of real estate. They value to create luxurious landmarks for the buyers.

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