Sogrados By Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal Introduces Sagrados Luxury Villas in Goa

 Rohit Bal needs no introduction when it comes to simplicity in his creations. He is the role model for many fashion designers in the country. Now, he boldly enters into the world of designing real estate by introducing Sagrados Luxury Villas where only exclusive few will get an opportunity to feel his vision. Here, every single window shimmers with blissful light in your dream house. There is nothing better than having a home in the misty and exotic Goa where the wind sways to fill the ancient churches with saga of the Arabian Sea.

 The maddening chaos of metro cities still cannot affect the ecstatic masterpiece of moonlit tide. Rohit Bal is a visionary who crafted the 12 exclusive and world-class villas by himself. The homes are closely located to Ashwen Beach in the heart of Morjim. The project is well located on the banks of Chapora River. The project is well positioned at the cultural hub which has some of the finest lounges and restaurants of the country. Here, each villa is fashioned with ultimate serenity and elegance of Mediterranean Sea and is truly a masterwork. The Spanish adventure and warmth of Goa are dipped in the wonderful colors and interior design.

 Here, all the villas are designed to perfection by the leading and topmost design professions under the supervision of Rohit Bal. The developer is illuminated by the unlimited shades of innovation. Rohit Bal is a visionary who believes that every generation features an artist within. He has won several awards and noted as “India’s Master of Fantasy and Fabric” by Time Magazine and he is an internationally acclaimed fashion designer. He has over 25 years of experience in fashion industry and he has iconic status. He strives hard to change the image of fashion industry in India. He is famous for his endless elegance and craftsmanship.

 He is known for his classic and timeless styles. He has very unique design philosophy which is deeply rooted in Indian tradition. He is known to add inspiration in everything he designs. He showcases the great spirit of a typical Indian artist.

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