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A+P Studios

Architectural Services, Planning services, Interior designers, ETC.

Welcome to the interactive archive of a+p studio. We are working since 2011 at all scales and in all sectors with the completion of 153 projects. We’ve believed that creative designs & a combination of efficient planning have the power to make the world a better, more beautiful, and liveable place.

We create residential, Institutional, recreational, and other spaces that work in harmony with their environment.
We help our clients envision a better future and understand the importance of proper space & orientation with Mahavastu in combination.

" Our Moto is the distribution and balancing of energies affecting the mental and physical health of the existent through proper planning, colors, the orientation of furniture...."

We design, build, operate, and manage projects that unlock opportunities, protect our environment, and improve people’s lives.

Our strength

  • Vastu Shastra & Mahavastu Shastra
  •  Interiors
  •  Façade designing 
  •  Renovations
  • Client understanding and consent
  • Space Utilisation with creativity
  • Landscaping

A+P Studios


Facade Treatment

Facade designing with unique material selections. Sense of texture, colors, materials as per building orientation, Lighting plays an important role with the right material selections and openings in buildings.


Houses and villas

Luxurious essence through proper planning and designing with built and open relationships.Proper textured materials and colors for facade with lighting effect which beautify the facade and surroundings


Interiors & Furnitures

Proper space planning for maximum utilization to kill negative space.Creative designs for staircase,Columns,interior walls,doors,furniture. Utilization of maximum natural Sunlight with well-designed openings for interiors


Receptions, Front office for hospitals,schools,offices etc

Planning of spaces & proper furniture designing with kind of lighting needed as per the requirement of projects