Plot Sale Model Economic Township Limited Jhajjar

Settlers India Plot Sale Model Economic Township Limited Jhajjar

Updated On: April 1 , 2021
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100 Acres


Gurgaon Haryana, India

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Advanced science and technology is involved when one need's to measure the level of creative mindset or greatest minds ever existed .... NOW YOU CAN SIMPLY VISIT `Model Economic Township Limited' to witness the tremendous realistic development that can be thought inside a human mind.


India’s largest manufacturing and telecommunication company Reliance Industries founded by Shri Dhirubhai Ambani in 8th May 1973, has now brought model economic Township. Reliance industries can never be described or defined, as the name says it all. 

Covering the largest amount of assets under its belt, Reliance has 195,618 Number of employees_(2020) holding and raising trust of every employee till date. 


MET – Now bought some exciting and specified components to glorify the project. Homes to one of the largest ecosystem

Do not belive me' you can go through these segments now'



▪ Electronics Manufacturing Cluster including ESDM

▪ Footwear Park

▪ SME Cluster

▪ Engineering Park



▪ Rail Siding.

▪ Import Export Custom Clearances which boosts Incremental Sales of domestic manufactured product.

▪ Warehousing

▪ 3PL and 4PL



Reliance MET offers best in class plug & play infrastructure which enable faster time to market makes the major companies to invest largest share among overseas companies.



▪ Road Network – 18m/24m/36m/45m wide roads

▪ Power Supply – 24 x 7 reliability with 220 KV sub-station

▪ Water Supply Network – Surface and Groundwater source

▪ Telecommunication Network – Best in class from Reliance Jio

▪ Sewerage Network – Wastewater recycling/CETP

▪ Others – Greenbelts, Landscape, Rain Harvesting & Drainage


-Social Infrastructure

▪ Residential – Creating “Walk to Work” Environment

▪ Commercial – Retail & Regional Wholesale Market

▪ Institutional

▪ Open Spaces, Greens, Recreational & Golf Course


There is no greater fraud then promise not kept, while as RIL, we not only promise but surprises our people with never ending benefits. Do you ever felt as a most important and greatfull as a part of your organisation, this is always a BIG no for many, except the people who are a part of reliance industries or can be named as reliance family. 


Together with, Model Economic Township Limited one shall have enormous possibilities to grow with the leading companies of the nation. GREAT IDEAS COME FROM GREAT MINDS and HERE ARE FEW EXAMPLES 


- WELL planned and strategied location

Located in NCR along the Western 

border of Delhi and North 

of Gurgaon, Haryana is among the top 4 growing states in the country. The state contributes a big number whether it is industries, automobiles, or export.

 Reliance MET,  also strategically located at the heart of the Indian market which allows

▪ KMP & DFC connectivity

▪ Private Freight Terminal (PFT)


With an exemplary vision, strategic location reliance MET, World-Class Industrial Cluster to cater to all your needs and aspiration. 

 An ideal location for your business expansion and will be a perfect choice.


- WISELY chosen and has taken care of comfort

Have kept the extra focus on professional operations and maintenance services 

▪ Well planned roads for ease of 

access & movement of goods 

▪ Power & water to be provided by 

MET - Result in operational sustainability