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Updated On: December 18 , 2020
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Bharti Realty Launches Astra Towers in Rajarhat Kolkata

Kolkata generates a lot of development opportunities and has ample of talent as the hope of the east. When the state administration is looking forward for infrastructure development in this metropolis, industrial development is on the rise. Kolkata has witnessed plenty of real estate activities to fulfill the rising demand for retail and office space.  Some of the corporate bigwigs have been flourished here by witnessing the demand to develop eastern horizon. The capital city of Victorian India is flourishing and booming. Kolkata has been witnessing the great demand in various industry segments and it has seen a slump in real estate activities when compared to other metro cities.Astra Towers Rajarhat Kolkata

This way, Bharti Group has always been the forerunner in different sectors like telecom, and now has ventured into retail spaces in Kolkata. When it comes to development and investment in Kolkata, Rajarhat is the area which has been witnessing fastest inroads. Located in the heart of Rajarhat, Bharti Astra Towers is a retail space project brought by Bharti Group. The project falls in the category of shopping malls due to ample space for corporate offices. Astra Tower is both airy and spacious and it stands true to commitment of delivering the best from Bharti Group.

Spaced across 1,17,000 sq. ft. of landscapes, Astra Tower is fully air-conditioned and the area has been totally demarcated for retail and office spaces. Some of the topmost companies are considering Astra Tower to introduce their branch offices. Rajarhat is well located and connected to several major commercial landmarks. This complex has around 350 office spaces and several retail spaces.  A lot of residential sites have been located across the complex and retails can easily rest assured with proper footfalls. The area across the towers has fountains and well-spaced gardens in order to attract people to the shopping destinations.

Several leading companies like Infosys and Wipro are looking forward to introduce office spaces in this area. There are several big names in the world in IT/ITeS domains are entering here. Rajarhat is considered to be the flourishing city within a city. The infrastructural development ensures ample connectivity to the residents.