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Rustomjee – Topmost Real Estate Developer in Thane Mumbai

Behind the development of every landmark project, there is a vision that triggers the conservative notions of design, architecture, thinking, and materials. These structures often shape up more than just lifestyles and environments of the people living there. The developer is known to shape up the blueprints of the cities of the future. It is the constant endeavor of Rustomjee to transform the urban skyline with every development of landmarks. When they incorporate swimming pools and playgrounds in their designs, they offer more than just world-class amenities. When they push themselves forward to look for innovative solutions, it is not all about saving costs, it is also about saving the environment.

Being a real estate developer, Rustomjee has believed always that form goes after a function. It can be seen in every aspect of their design and how they plan their projects. Rustomjee lays a strong foundation on the quality of the projects and expects every teammate to go through their core philosophies and the principle of “Better, but not cheaper”. The developer understands that acquiring a home is a lifetime investment. It is more than a transaction. It is a realization of a valuable dream. This is the reason customer-centricity is the core of Rustomjee’s DNA and they have several happy customers having a testimony to this belief.

Rustomjee is the developer which also believes in giving the society back in which they work and their initiatives are among several steps they have taken in that way. They have identified their true potential and given equal opportunity to everyone and nurtured talent. The developer has created the new genes of leaders. Since they started the voyage, they have developed over 10 million sq. ft. of land bank in the city and transformed the landscapes into corporate townships, premium townships, retail projects, and around 8500 residences. Over the past 5 years alone, the developer has delivered around 8 million sq. ft. of landscapes by focusing on the metropolitan region of Mumbai. The developer is looking forward and hoping to thrive with strength and adding a further 13 million sq. ft. of landscapes to their portfolio within 5 years to come.