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Ashok Piramal Group

Ashok Piramal Group – Multinational Conglomerate based in Mumbai

Ashok Piramal Group is a leading conglomerate based in Mumbai with diversified corporate portfolio, having strong focus in textiles, real estate, automobiles, renewable energy and cutting tools. The group has diverse business operations across Mexico, India and Czech Republic. The key strengths of the developer lie in its robust brand building, management skills and group lineage. Delivering “Quality” with world-class services and products is in the philosophy of the developer. Ashok Piramal Group enjoys dominant presence in various corporate sectors, from textiles to engineering, real estate and energy. The effective management and strong lineage are the secrets to success of the group. Hence, the group is known to deliver international class services and products. In this Group, every company strives hard to meet their individual goals, shares the philosophy and collective vision of the group.

The success of the group is based in creating niche models which ensure that each branch to be listed among top 5 in their concerning industries. Its clothing arm, Morarjee Textiles has become the leading player in high fashion and premium shirting and printed fabric. It features all the leading apparel brands for its customers. The company exports its clothing to over 40 countries and it is looking forward to weave their dreams into reality.

Its real estate arm, Peninsula Land is known for developing international real estate projects to redefine country skyline. It is an integrated real estate giant which has pioneered world-class commercial projects, retail ventures and lavish residential complexes. The company has successfully delivered up to 6.4 million sq. ft. of landscapes and up to 18.6 million sq. ft. to be developed in Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Lonavala and Nasik collectively. Under Miranda Tools and PMP Auto Components, the engineering business is also flourishing and it has raised its reach in engineering industry in the country. PMP Auto has acquired two European giants and expanded its reach on world map. It has catapult the overall growth of PMP Auto with around 7% of European market share. Overall, the Group is witnessing accelerated growth and keeping pace with its vision and delivering great value for all the stakeholders.