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Ajmera Realty – India’s Topmost Real Estate Company Spans Development Across 45 million Sq. Ft

 Ajmera Group is known as the real estate leader in India and it has enhanced its interest and reaches tremendously over 6 cities in India and two countries. It has built the trust which has completely made the rich township culture. The developer has developed over 45 million sq. ft. of land. They have successfully rehabilitated over 40000 families over the past decade. Their reach has grown over time and extended with other realms, such as safe deposit lockers, education, solar power, sports, cement, and social welfare. The developer has the experience of over 48 magnificent years. Currently, Ajmera Group is known as one of the leading real estate conglomerate of India.

 Ajmera Group has seen tremendous growth over time with their reach and interest. The developer enjoys strong presence in Pune, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Rajkot. It also has some international projects in Bahrain. Innovation in technology, quality, comfort, great value for money and aesthetic appeal are the few attributes of the developer and they are building homes with the trust that people have ultimate faith in them. The developer had very small beginning in the 1960s and their activities were limited to the periphery of the city of Mumbai.

 The developer has dedicated and sincere efforts along the spirit of exclusive free enterprise which has been evolved with the leading company. The developer has been witnessing the tremendous growth in real estate business and building trust among the buyers. All these elements are the base of their success in real estate industry. They promise to create beautiful landmarks in the city in the near future. The developer has a dream to contribute hugely on the globalization with its experienced team of engineers, architects and non-technical and technical staff. They are envisioned to become the most trusted and preferred name in real estate business and enhance the quality of lifestyle with their consistent developments. There is no boundary for Ajmera Builders. They are engaged in shaping up the dreams of residents by creating the beautiful complexes and innovative projects. They are looking forward to preserve the excellent outcome and affordability of the residents.

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