Dumas Road Witnessing Infrastructure Developments in Surat, Dumas, Surat

Dumas Road Witnessing Infrastructure Developments in Surat

Surat is the eighth largest city in the country and recognized all over the world for its textile and diamond industry. Previously known as Suryapur, Surat is the city located on the left Tapi River bank and it is also known for mouth-watering dishes and it has a lot of tourist attractions. Surat is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities and it has a lot of value added attractions like Chemical, Diamonds, Jewelry, Gas, Textile, Garments and Imitation Jewelry. There are several prime locations in the city to live in, and Dumas Road is one of them. It has been witnessing great location advantages and the developers have also found growth potential here. It is witnessing infrastructural development on a huge level. Dumas Road is located closely to several major attractions along with Domestic Airport.

Surat is supposed to be the trading hub and industrial base for diamonds, textile and chemical. It has the presence of several leading corporate houses and MNCs like L&T, Reliance Group, Essar Group, ONGC and others. The population has also been growing in this city and developed infrastructure is also needed here. Surat is one of the few cities in India which has computerized water drainage system and distribution system and a huge sewage treatment plant that transforms wastage into energy.

The city has India’s best water treatment plant. Every part of the city is covered by street lights and underground drainage. In the early 1990s, the Pipelined Natural Gas (PNG) has already entered the city and covered most of the areas. CNG entered the city in early 1990s and 95% of buses and auto rickshaws started running on CNG by 2005 as the less polluting and efficient vehicle. Several private and government hospitals in the city provide healthcare facilities to both visitors and citizens. The local authorities have focused on eGovernance to optimize administrative efforts. The city is witnessing a lot of infrastructural activities and it has the country’s first multi-disciplinary underwater aquarium. It is renowned as the Diamond City of the Country for a reason.

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