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Hector Realty to Launch New Projects with Innovative Construction Technology

 Hector Realty is the solid realization of the visions of the founder, Mr. Sandeep Ralhan. He has around 18 years of experience for working in corporate sector. Now he decided to put his decades of expertise and knowledge to his work. He selected real estate as hi motive. His vision and dream can be seen with the ultra modern homes in India where an average family can feel pride of having a dream abode. These homes are well built by the one and only Hector Realty. Hector Reality is powered by the family-like approach and the company has been enlightened with sharing prosperity and wealth with the team, stakeholders and the society in the well-tuned CSR policy.

 Hector Realty is the proud owner of international recognition and fame and it has set new milestones in a way how it delivered the affordable housing to those who were in bare need of it. The residential plots of Marvella in Haridwar and Agra’s Anupam Residency are some of the epitomes of fine living provided by the developer. The Hector Realty is the winner of best affordable real estate developer award in North India. Bill Gates and various international business leaders have shown their keen attention to the purposeful vision of Hector Realty.

 The developer is well versed to create affordable residential project for those who needed it the most by using the modern technology to build something more than just four walls to the habitants. Most of their profits are used for more mega residential projects to deliver at affordable prices. The developer is looking forward to make policy makers and decision makers aware at different levels so they can provide lands at affordable price.  They are envisioned to create the financial corpus which will help the poor with financing and help them to own their dream homes at low interest rates and easy payment options over the longer term.

 Their belief is to dream the grandest and fulfill the most tremendous visions. In order to conclude this, the developer is envisioned to create a world where everyone can proudly live in their dream house.

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