The Advantages of Buying a Residential Property in Pre-Launch Projects.

Pre – Launch or new Launch or Soft Launch , these terms attract both investors and end users, for the simple reason of being able to book an new property at first rate. Most of the builders in Haryana do not encourage Pre – Launch as per the Government regulation, but other cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore the builders are selling their properties in Pre launch stage.
Buying property at Pre Launch stage always gives an advantage to the buyer, not only they get the first rate advantage but also get the advantage of selecting the unit of their choice from the builders inventory. The buyers also stand to gain maximum benefit by selling their unit after the launch of the product.
Developers notify the inside circle of investors and brokers about the availability of pre launch projects that haven’t been officially launched in the marketplace. This information is circulated through email or verbally. 
According to several factors in the market, one can enjoy around 5 to 20% of price advantage by investing in pre launch project. But investing in some pre-launched markets is full of risks. Due to this reason, buyers should consider these important points before investing in a pre-launch township.
  • The developer may not have all the important permissions regarding that project. As an investor, you should ask whether they have clean or free land ownership on which that project is under construction.
  • Make sure the project has IOD or Intimation of Disapproval. It is actually a series of commands a real estate developer should follow to construct the building legally. The validity of IOD is one year and it should be issued again in case project cannot be completed within a year.
  •  Also check out the track record, credentials and reputation of builder. If builder is reputed and well established, the risk is less.

Check out the major advantages in investing in pre launch projects

  1.  Percentage of profit is higher at around 20% with this option
  2. If pre-launched property is located in and along the heart of the city, it can be a wise choice. You can get heavy discounts and get high return values and appreciations.
  3. You can have more profitable and cheap proposal in these projects if you study and stay active about pre launch project.
  4. You can enjoy more advantages if you think about investing in booming cities of India like Gurgaon, Bhiwadi, Neemrana, Delhi, Mumbai and etc.
Pre launch projects are profitable for the end users and investors both and people looking to buy a property or invest in one should always look for a Pre launch product, if possible.
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