Althan and Khajod to See Mega Development in Near Future in Surat

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Althan and Khajod to See Mega Development in Near Future in Surat

Althan and Khajod to See Mega Development in Near Future in Surat


The first decade of 21 st century saw great infrastructure development in Adajan and other nearest areas. On the other side, Khajod and Althan witnessed just a little bit of development. However, the actual development has now begun in Althan, Surat. It is clear that the investors and home-seekers will see a boom in real estate market in this area.

Several new residential projects are coming up in this location by the developers like Swagat, Raghuvir Group and White Wing Group. They are going to realize their dream. In fact, the leading planners have also proposed to build Surat-Navsari twin city with the estimated population of over 1.15 crores by 2025.

These areas are going to buzz with real estate activities once the final town planning scheme is sanctioned along with 4 TP schemes. In the next decade, we are going to see a great movement of middle class group to Khajod and Althan, according to Jivan Patel, DOP (Director of Planning), Surat Municipal Corporation.

Areas which are near to the university like Bhartanana, Abhwa and Bhimrad-Sarsana will also witness a lot of real estate development. Towards, Bhimpore, Adajan-Pal, and Dumas and other areas around Hajira’s industries, land has been almost exhausted. Now, these areas are witnessing huge development activities with the growth of BRTS corridor, and projects like Sachin & Trade Centre, according to a builder who has recorded 5 tower projects of 40 metres each at Althan.

According to Nilesh Mandelwala, President of South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Althan has seen a lot of development thanks to the Trade Center project. It will hopefully see more developments by the next decade. Althan has a potential to become Navi Mumbai of Surat, according to the developers like Raghuvir Group and White Wing Group.

The Trade Centre is supposed to have 1.16 lakh sq. meter of pillar-less air-conditioned hall with 90 pillar-less domes of over 35 meters. It is located in the proximity of Sarsana Village.

Althan is the posh neighborhood of Surat which has seen rapid growth and development in residential sector within a short period because of fully developed social structure.

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