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Searching for a Dream Home? Ghodbunder Road is Your Best Destination

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Searching for a Dream Home? Ghodbunder Road is Your Best Destination

Searching for a Dream Home? Ghodbunder Road is Your Best Destination

Ghodbunder Road in Thane was once a far-off neighborhood. But it is now a fastest growing destination for those who are looking for a home. Several renowned developers are launching their residential projects like Dosti Vihar, Dosti Imperia, Dosti Pinnacle, Acme Ozone, Lodha Splendora, and Cosmos Jewels. Here, you can find the ideal settings to settle down.

According to a local resident, no one wanted to live in Thane around 20 years ago, especially on Ghodbunder Road. It was nothing but a remote area to live. Everyone, even rickshaw drivers, was not ready to go there after 7pm.

Luckily, things have been changed dramatically over the past few years. Today, there are lots of townships being developed where buyers are looking for an affordable and luxury apartment they like. It is also close to Thane station. The USP of Ghodbunder Road is that you can easily reach the Western suburbs through road networks. It has great connectivity to several upmarket locations and Navi Mumbai. Thane is strategically and centrally located in Mumbai.

According to Saudhagar Jadhav, former employee at BMC, Ghodbunder Road enjoys good infrastructure facility. A lot of flyovers are coming up in recent days. Hence, it has short down the commuting time. These days, people can easily travel without any issue. You can easily and comfortably travel from Thane to Borivali because of Ghodbunder Road.

A local resident, Girish Panse added that the area was not developed when he moved there. Today, the residents can enjoy all kinds of facilities. Several top international brands have been arrived in the nearest shopping malls.

Children’s education is one of the main concerns of residents. It has also been taken care of. A lot of good colleges and schools are located in the vicinity. There is no need to bother about looking for schools. In addition, the property prices also shoot up in this region.

A world-renowned developer, Dosti Group has developed around 5500 homes and settled around 27,500 families in 91 projects at Ghodbunder Road. They have developed around 5 million sq. ft. of landscapes across the city of Mumbai.

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