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Puravankara Purva Amaiti Apartments Coimbatore

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Puravankara Purva Amaiti Apartments Coimbatore

What are the Benefits to Purchase home of Purva Amaiti Project at Coimbatore? 

In present, a new project is available of Purva Amaiti. Thus, if you want to purchase a home, you should take advantage of Purva Amaiti. In present, you can get a home at Coimbatore. By the help of Purva Amaiti project, you can get homes which are really so pleasant.
By the help of Purva Amati Project, you get a home. This project provide major highlights, they are as follows.
Cost of this Project starts at INR 3490 to INR 3775 psft. The Price of this Project start at Rupees 30 Per floor & the cost of floor for the super premium charges at cost of Rupees 200/psft. The SB Area for 2 BHK which is of 1360 sft that goes to 1387 sft & 3 BHK which is of 1676 sft that goes to 1894 sft. While getting a home by this project, you will have to pay some other charges for the different facilities like club house, car park, Swimming pool, 100% power backup,Children’s play Area and Modular Kitchen.
While booking a home by this project, the cost is of INR 2.1 Lakhs to a 2BHK as well as INR 3.1 Lakhs to the 3BHK. The Coimbatore is great place to purchase a home. Thus, while purchasing a home, you should purchase a home at Coimbatore. At Coimbatore, there are different places available.
It is a town which attracts so many people because of its popular Mariamman Temple. This town is located at 83 km away to the Coimbatore. This Bannari town becomes so close of large thick forests to Western Ghats.
It is a town which is away from a distance of 121 km to coimbatore. This town has sangameshwarer temple.
It is a hill station of Nilgiris that is located far distance of 71 km to city of Coimbtore. The hill station has many tourist places like Sim’s Park.
It is hill station which is present at Nilgiri hills. This hill station located at some distance which is of 105 km to Coimbatore.
Thus, Coimbatore is a place to purchase a home. You should purchase a home at Coimbatore.
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