Properties for Resale

Properties available for resale can be both ready properties and under construction properties. Depending on the need of the buyer we can help buyers to buy properties on Resale from the secondary market. This means that a particular property is already booked or bought by a party , who now wishes to sell. Our job is to find the sellers, market their properties and sell them to the end user or an investor, who is looking for the same or similar property. What is the benefit of buying a property in resale ? One needs to really understand the importance of buying a property from the resale market, if the buyer is looking for an existing property or ready to move in property, then the chances are that the builder will not have any direct inventory left for direct selling. Hence the buyer has to go to the secondary or resale market to buy that particular property. which may be cheaper than buying from the builder direct , because if the builder has any inventory left by the time the property reaches the possession stage, then it is for sure that builder had deliberately kept some unsold inventory, which he had not offered in the market previously. Builder does this to book maximum profit on the unsold stock. The same property will be available in the resale market for cheaper price then the builder is quoting. If the property is old then there is no option with the buyer, but to buy it from the resale market only. Mostly the under construction property will be cheaper to buy from the secondary market, although the buyers may face some challenges in buying the desired property from the secondary market, but eventually will end up paying much lesser than the builder price. for more detailed discussions on this subject, please feel free to get in touch with us. Happy buying !!!