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property-managementWe are a property management company for NRIs and property owners living in India. This service is especially helpful for people who are not living in Delhi or Gurgaon area and own properties in these areas.

NON RESIDENT INDIANS (NRIs) can specially benefit from this service. We can look after your property in all respects, you want us to keep a local guard in your empty house or you want us to spruce up your property for letting it out or selling it at the right price. We can manage all that work for you.

Interiors, woodwork to repair work can be carried out by our team, all this work would help you to get the right rent for your property. We can also help in looking after the work with Municipal Corporation and other governmental or non-government bodies of your property to the best of our abilities.

For detailed information about our services , please check the below given boxes. Once you have gone through the relevant details, please feel free to call us or write to us for engaging our services for your properties. The boxed detail will give you an insight about the work we do as property management company , how can you get in touch with us and also talks about our charges for the services to be rendered.

Property Management Service How Does it Work pm_property-management Charges For Property Management 

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