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Prahlad Nagar Witnessing Significant Real Estate Growth in Ahmadabad

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Prahlad Nagar Witnessing Significant Real Estate Growth in Ahmadabad

Prahlad Nagar Witnessing Significant Real Estate Growth in Ahmadabad

Prahlad Nagar Extension is the hottest favorite residential neighborhood, evolving commercial hub and a well-planned landmark in Ahmadabad. It is one of the most anticipated landmarks of the city. This area is offering the rare facilities and amenities to fulfill all the basic needs of people. The suburb is located at the southwest of Ahmadabad and it is one of the most promising neighborhoods for the commercial and residential purposes. Prahladnagar is known to be the well-planned neighborhood formed with the consolidation of Town Planning Schemes. Prahlad Nagar Extension is a well planned neighborhood which has hierarchy of street and road pattern and distribution of community facilities and public space according to the norms of Development Plan. According to the norms, a huge part of land has been used for road construction and providing all the basic and social amenities to the residents.

It is important to note that the provision of streetlights, construction of roads, development of gardens, plantation of trees, laying of sewage lines and rainwater harvesting are covered in this scheme. Everything has been done well ahead of deadline. Prahlad Nagar has clearly set a benchmark in the history of TP schemes with its timely implementation, well-planned design and financial stability. Prahlad Nagar is known to be the model which is not just for development agencies in the cities, but also for agencies in other cities which strive to provide well serviced land and well-planned landmark for fastest urban growth.

Several recreational facilities are well developed incessantly in Prahlad Nagar. It has a lot of recreational facilities and beautiful gardens in neighborhood. Even in the plan of new lakes development by AMC, Prahlad Nagar Extension has the proposed landmark where AMC is creating an exotic lake stretched over 23000 sq. m. Prahlad Nagar is quickly transforming in the major landmark of the city. The sprouting of a lot of world-class corporate houses and commercial areas in the neighborhood is emerging. Prahlad Nagar will have up to 350 hotel rooms by the 2012 end. It has a lot to offer when it comes to real estate.

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