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Non Resident Indians (NRIs)

Non resident Indians and Persons of Indian origin can buy properties in India. We understand that the process of buying and then maintaining the same becomes a bit of a Headache for some of the NRIs who are unable to come to india on a regular basis. Hence the need to engage a Professional Realtors services are almost essential for all the NRIs buying property in India.

NRI Services : What all should be included in this part of the service ? First and the foremost is that the realtor should understand the actual need of the NRI buyer and should understand the level of service that an NRI buyer is used to. All the required information should be given upfront, the total cost of the property should be given in writing without and hidden charges. The service charges information should also be given to the NRI buyer by the relator , before talking on any work with or from NRIs. As they may not be aware of the system that drives our Real Estate market in India. A person who has been out of India for a long time, may not be well versed with the systems that we follow, in buying and selling of a property.

We at Settlers india, are very clear about the services which we provide to our NRI ( non resident Indians ) customers, and can proudly say that we have had the privilege of dealing with a sizeable number of NRIs. when a NRI buyer or seller approaches us, we make sure that we explain the entire system of working in India to them so that nothing comes as a surprise to them at a later stage. We make sure that money related matters are all clear to them and we make sure that we help our customers till the possession of the property is taken by them.

How to buy or book a New / Under construction property :

Most of the Developers In India , announce their upcoming projects well in advance for the prospective buyers to know about the project and book their respective units in advance. Similar information is spread by the channel partners of the Developers to their clients. For NRIs, the information is sent through Emails , including the flyers and links to their sites, giving the necessary project details. For the Non Resident Indian prospective buyers of any project it is advisable to go through the official channel partners of the project for all their booking needs.

The channel partners can explain the minute details of the project , help selecting the right unit, compile the price sheet and help in booking the shortlisted unit. To book any Upcoming property , NRIs need to download the booking form, fill up the form , sign all pages, scan and send the same to their channel partner who they are in touch with.

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