Supreme Court recently appointed auditors for forensic audit of alleged Amrapali Group who told that its plush flats were booked on meagre amounts of Re. 1, Rs. 5 and Rs. 11 on per sq. ft. basis by around 500 people.

According to the audit, 23 companies were involved in the name of peons, office boys and drivers and they were the part of consortium and they made fronts to divert the money of homebuyers. The two forensic auditors added that they issued notices to 655 individuals as ‘benami’ flats were booked on their names but there was no one available in those 122 locations.

The forensic auditors submitted the interim report to the apex court before the bench of justices U.U. Lalit and Arun Mishra. They added that Chander Wadhwa, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) transferred Rs. 4.75 Cr just 3 days before depositing to the top court to ‘unidentified individuals’ on October 26, earlier this year.

According to Pawan Kumar Agarwal, forensic auditor, Wadhwa had Rs. 12 Cr. in his account till March 2018. Later on, he transferred in his wife’s name Rs. 1 Crore. He appeared in the court just three days before for the first time on 26 th October, 2018 when he transferred Rs. 4.75 Cr. to unknown accounts.

Agarwal’s submission irked the bench and the judges pulled Wadhwa who was warned for contempt. The bench said, “You are going to put spoke in justice’s wheels. You knew very well that the court will ask the questions but still you transferred the funds. You have time for 7 days to get the whole amount of money back. On October 23, 2018, you didn’t have any business to transfer funds. You have obstructed the procedure and you may be charged for contempt of court.”

The court has also asked auditors to submit the Income Tax department orders which conducted in 2013-14 during its seize and search and recovered the bogus vouchers and bills of Rs. 200 Cr. along with Rs. 1 Cr. from CMD Anil Kumar Sharma, Amrapali Group, and Rs. 1 Cr. from Director Shiv Priya.

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