Neptune Eastern Business District Bhandup Mumbai

Eastern Business District in Bhandup West by Neptune Group, Mumbai.

Neptune Eastern Business District (EBD) is more than just an office space. It is your own cash cow with zero RISK quotients.  It ensures instant, regular and secure cash flows due to the ready nature of landmark, professional set of clientele, and longer rental contracts of up to 4 to 5 years. With yields of over 9% as well as the capital appreciation associated, it will be your own asset to generate returns for lifetime. These are the well-established business landmarks which usually beat the returns in micro-market and offer the always appreciating cash flows.

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Key highlights of Neptune Eastern Business District (EBD) :-

  • Affordable prices with no additional burden of MVAT and Service Tax.
  • Higher returns with 0% risk and less than half the price.
  • Rare opportunity in pre-launch stage of a ready asset to own the most anticipated office address.
  • 5-star work environment and lifestyle at unmatched landmark of the suburbs.
  • Services and amenities at fraction of cost.
  • Limited 9-day booking window to own these luxurious office suites in Central Suburbs.
  • Invest at around half the cost but achieve higher returns in comparison to residential asset.
  • Located at ready-to-move-in infrastructure with zero risk in construction.

Higher Returns, Lower Risk at Less than Half the Cost :-

  • It is literally an asset which pays for itself and is productive from very beginning.
  • It is ready to be occupied landmark offering amazing investment opportunity.
  • Reputed brands have already established their outlets making it a well-established landmark which can further improve business.
  • High rental yields which are very viable making it very easy to own and pay off.

Luxury office suites with high street shopping :-

  • Eastern Business District presents Neptune Magnet Mall – the scientific re-engineering for the first time.
  • Located on the most anticipated address set along the high street environment.
  • Luxury office suites.
  • Significant drop-off with private sit-outs and landscaped zones.
  • Grand arrival to office space loaded with high-street environment covered by luxury retail spaces.
  • It is a one-of-its-kind offering with well packed lifestyle amenities.
  • Easy access to multi-cuisine restaurants, signature café, and exclusive accessories and lifestyle options.

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