India is experiencing a growth in the Hospitality sector if the statistics are to be believed, then our Hospitality sector is growing by over 15% per annum. This is a fast-growing industry, which entails Hotels, Travel companies, Restaurants, Cruise liners, Transport companies, etc.

The hotel industry is the mainstay of the Hospitality Industry, so much so that when one talks about the Hospitality Industry, Hotels is the word which comes to our mind first. After Travel to a destination, what one needs is good accommodation to stay for a short or long period of time. There are many categories of accommodations available nowadays, but Hotels being the most used and most needed of them all.

Hotels provide many facilities to its guests, apart from comfortable rooms to stay, hotels have Restaurants, Banquets, Conference Halls, night clubs, Pubs, Bars, Swimming Pools, Gyms, spas, service centers, indoor-outdoor games, parks, etc. All the hotels may not provide all the facilities at the same time, Mostly bigger hotels 4-star category and above are expected to provide all the facilities mentioned above. Smaller hotels mostly concentrate on the rooms and their main income is the rental income from the rooms. Clients or Guests can choose to stay in a hotel, depending on their budget and location.

Hotels are of different categories and types, starting from budget hotels to 5-star deluxe properties. Budget hotels normally cater to people not wanting to spend too much and probably use the hotel for a minimum period of stay, then we have business hotels, which are normally in the range of 3 to 4 star kind of properties. Mainly used by mid-level employees or entrepreneurs for short to medium range of stay. Then we have 5 stars or 5-star deluxe properties which are mostly used by the affluent class, for their stay or other activities like use of Restaurant, Banquets, business centers or meeting rooms, etc. Then we have hotels and resorts, which are mainly used for vacations by tourists. These hotels or resorts are mostly situated in places, which are either close to Hills or Sea, and are mostly away from the hustle-bustle of the cities.

Now someone has to build a hotel or buy a hotel to offer its services to the public at large. We help the businessmen or existing hotel owners to expand their portfolios, We understand the requirement of the buyers, as per their budget we find hotels for them and help them in the completion of the procurement process. At the moment we have about 10 hotels in different cities of India, which we are offering to our prospects.

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