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New City Light to Become Hottest Real Estate Destination in Surat

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New City Light to Become Hottest Real Estate Destination in Surat


New City Light to Become Hottest Real Estate Destination in Surat

New City Light is known to be the sophisticated suburb in the city of Surat. It is one of the developing regions of Surat. These days, City Light is one of the hottest favorite non-commercial destinations in the city of Surat and it presents high rise buildings and homes. It is well known as Vashi of Surat because of high rise bungalows and towers. City Light is supposed to be the most popular area in Surat. You should choose City Light if you want to own a property in Surat. It is the eighth biggest city in the country and is located on the left bank of River Tapi. It is well known for diamond industry and also called as the “Diamond City of India”.

Up to 3/4th of the real diamonds found on earth are being polished and cut in this city. It is the second biggest city in the state which is well known for textiles and it derives the names like “Textile City” and “Silk City”. Surat has also been titled as the second cleanest city in India. It is one of the leading metropolitan cities to live in India. The increasing need of real estate development and switching industrial market to Tier IV and Tier III metro cities has been effective for Surat as well.

The increasing demand of real estate in the city truly showcases the need for even more commercial and residential locations. Surat is surely the destination to witness a lot of educational institutes which causes significant growth of students’ population from other parts of the country. The MNCs in the city have appointed expert specialists to stay active in the city to fulfill the needs of employees in new startups. Both specialized and students promote the need to buy real estate in Surat. The 2 BHK and 3 BHK units are enjoying great demand and motivating realty developers to build more residential properties in the city. The need of real estate by the NRIs is also included here as they invest huge amount of money in residential sector. There is definitely a way to access new property.

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