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Malhan Construction Launches World-Class Projects in Major Cities

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Malhan Construction Launches World-Class Projects in Major Cities


Malhan Construction Pvt. Ltd is headed by Mr. Rajiv Malhan. He undertakes the entire marketing and sales functions. His main strengths are business strategy and communication and he has developed great understanding between commerce and design and each of the projects has been a great success from Malhan. He has been implementing smart approach to market buyer’s taste and market trends. He always uses fresh ideas when it comes to design spaces that truly add appeal to the target customers. He has Master’s degree from commerce background in Business Administration and he is specialized in marketing. He has decades of experience and robust exposure to the industry. He specialize in the art of selling the procuring the top class projects that are developed by the group.

The company is directed by Mr. Manish Malhan who is a self-professed design junkie who is known as the altar of design. He is apt in designing various projects. He has sharp attention to detail which leads him to become a hard worker and perfectionist for execution. His journey for design starts early when he migrated to Australia just after schooling to earn the Master’s degree in Interior Architecture. He served as a professional in leading design firms in Australia and honed the perspective to transform design into a space which has the organic entity which increases value to the lives of users while enhancing interaction with the space around them. Planning, innovation and technology are his main features and he stamps each project with unique knowhow of modern aesthetics. He has been spearheading the foray of Malhan into hospitality.

Mr. Sanjiv Malhan is passionate and articulate on all the aspects of designing. He has degrees in architecture and he is architect by profession. He got training and studies in Australia and worked with the top architectural firms like Thomson Adsett Architects. He brings his unique perspective to the business. He has unique perspective to design every project. He is an astute entrepreneur, ardent designer and passionate architect. He heads planning and architecture in the company. He is aimed to drive organization to achieve modern international standards of technology and aesthetics.

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