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Investors from Saudi Arabia to Target Real Estate in Dubai

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Investors from Saudi Arabia to Target Real Estate in Dubai

The Dubai government and its real estate authorities have shared their plans to make Dubai first real estate-themed city of the world. It means that Dubai will be seen as an epitome of sustainability and green building. It is ambitiously known as the ‘Perfect City’ and will bring all the businesses related to real estate along with regulatory authorities on a one common place in Dubai, after the wake of some common urban development of industrial theme, such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

The city is about to come out with whole new headquarters of Real Estate Regulatory Agency Branch and Dubai Land Development. It will also hold Real Estate University, Real Estate Court, Sustainability Centre and Real Estate Museum.

A World Real Estate Centre will also be covered in the Perfect City. It will feature some of the world-renowned real estate development firms, international real estate companies and real estate broker offices. Along with having a concentrated, single real estate center in Dubai, the designers are planning to make 100% sustainable Perfect City with 20000 trees and 75% green space in order to cut down carbon footprint. It will also have a breathtaking water body as a long stretched canal of 500 meter.

Along with it, there are other new hotspots in Dubai which came into limelight because of robust growth in IPS or International Property Show 2015. These areas are constantly growing these days because of increasing interest of investors in new areas. These places were not known as ‘hotspots’ about a few years back. When Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai and Business Bay have always been the prominent real estate players, there are several under-privileged places came on radar and about to enjoy more prominence in this 3-day show.

According to the exhibition’s organizers, the real estate sector will see sustainable development as demand is beating supply and giving birth to new opportunities for investment. There are many real estate hotspots which are basically determined by the demand generated from different types of investors. In real estate market of Dubai, the stability and maturity will definitely pull more investors.