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Indore Becomes Hottest Destination for Long Term Real Estate Investment

Indore has become one of the hottest-favorite real estate destinations in the country over the past 2 to 3 years. Several IT leaders like Infosys and TCS have made their presence across the Super Corridor. For real estate in Indore, IT has become the great growth driver in 2014. Especially locations around Manglia and Agra-Bombay Bypass have become the real estate hub. Indore has seen significant growth of population over the years and more and more people are migrating here. They are looking for residential units both for rental purpose and self use. Buyers and investors are expecting to invest in apartment units in 2014 instead of suburban areas. The faster infrastructure development has become the need of the hour along with faster approvals and affordable home loans.

Locations Best for Investment Purpose

Because of the vicinity with all the significant IT leaders and the airport, the projects located in Northern and North-west part of Indore enjoy great growth potential. Some of the great value drivers in Indore are Super Corridor, 6-lane AB Bypass, Aurobindo Hospital, 4-lane Indore-Ujjain Highway and MR10. With proposed railway station, medical hub, Interstate Bus Terminus, and proposed sports complex are located in the radius of just 2 to 3 km.

Value of Having Super Corridor

Due to the infusion of IT industries in the vicinity, the Super Corridor is enjoying great traffic of residents. It is providing congestion-free connectivity to the airport and various infrastructure majors like sports complex, medical hub, and proposed educational leaders like NMIMS, Symbiosys along with tree-lined alleys in physical and social infrastructure market that is making the projects more sought-after destinations for future.  This is why they have become some of the most anticipated locations for those professionals who are working in IT companies.

Here, the prices of residential units are ranging from Rs. 2200 to Rs. 3000 per sq. ft. Living spaces basically have premium and high-rise amenities and these premium apartments are ranging from Rs. 25 to Rs. 50 lakh.  Indore has seen significant growth in the residential properties. For both short-term and long term investment plans, Indore is definitely the best place. Dlf Ltd. , one of the largest developers of India also has a presence in Indore. Dlf has launched a complex in Indore called Dlf Garden City Indore.

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