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We can provide ready to move in call centre space in Gurgaon, Noida & Delhi area. Most of the companies setting up the call centre operations need large contiguous single plates for their operations. We can identify the buildings offering large floor area on the single floors without wasting too much of time and a lot of times, we have ready to move in call centre spaces or ready to move in offices available for renting. This would save time, energy and money for you.


Apart from NCR, now many cities of India have come up with specialised spaces for call centre, and information technology . There are spacial buildings and special areas like SEZ – Special economic Zone, where in the companies operating are given special discounts / special allowances / special rebates on taxes , by the government.

Cities like Navi Mumbai , Bangalore , Pune , Ahmedabad , Hydrabad , Chandigarh , Hydrabad and Jaipur etc. have come up in a big way , in the last few years. When the Indian Call centres storey became big in the world, all the cities came up with strong resources in terms of , Men , Machines and buildings. Earlier only cities like Gurgaon and Bangalore were leading the way, but with tiem came the other cities with big support system, which only helped the Indian storey grow even bigger.

We have presence in places like NCR, Mumbai , Pune , Bangalore , Ahmedabad etc. ,where we can provide our customers, commercial spaces for setting up their call center / KPOs / Offices etc. All these cities offer strong support system in terms or Human resources and other resources like modern office spaces , transport and descent housing for the employees. We at Settlers India can help set up the the offices , help with the interiors and even help with  the search of employees for the business.

So, Call us if you need to set up or expand your business .

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