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Business and Investment Property page on our site, helps investors to look for properties like, Hotels, Institutes , Schools , Colleges , Hydro Projects, Rented properties , Restaurants and FSI etc. on sale. This platform is useful for both Sellers and Buyers, sellers can list their properties on this page for free . Buyers looking to invest in bigger investment properties can use this page for looking for property of their choice , in the city they are interested in. This platform is a unique platform in many ways, most of the property websites do not offer this platform to the buyers and sellers. Instead of sticking to the regular property listings, our website has decided to cater to the needs of all spectrum of investors. Even for the sellers this becomes a good platform, where they can list and sell their high end, high value properties. for most of the buyers and sellers, looking to sell bigger properties or properties which are not sold regularly on a day to day basis, our website, becomes a very important tool for them. We hope more and more people can use this platform to buy or sell their institutional property. Buying/ Selling of Hotels. Schools. colleges etc. is certainly a specialized job, and our executives at Settlers India, are fully trained ( by virtue of their experience ) to carry out such transactions. Our team, always works hard for its customers, to be able to give them the best possible services and value for their money. Let us know if you are looking for some high value property and you cannot find on our website, our marketing team shall leave no stone unturned in finding the right property for you.


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