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Rented Properties

This is a special category of a property in your portfolio, as this is like an earning member of your family … must invest for all. Contact us for a discussion on pre-...

Return On Investment

All investors look for safe stable properties with higher ROI, there are certain sections of Real Estate , which fall in this category and some of them are included in...

Hydro Power Plant for Sale

Best available alternative form and source of energy, which every one is looking for. Indian government has taken some serious steps to enhance and exploit this source of energy.

College for Sale

Good investment for people looking to invest in the education system. Value of the real estate increase with time , so does the number of students. Good cause, Good Profit.

Schools/ School Sites

We have a number of school sites listed on our site, various categories in various states. Each state has its own norms for surrning and operating a school, mostly through societies.

Restaurants For Sale

We have enough experience in the restaurant business, to be able to guide our customers looking to buy , running restaurants or establishing new ones . Frachise options are also...

FSI For Sale

For any development of builder, the first thing is to find the right FSI ( Floor Space Index ), at the right place. We have listed a few FSIs for sale on our site. Please click on the...

Hotels/Hotels Sites

Running a hotel is a profitable business, and lot of investors look for ready hoel properties. To facilitate such customers, we have listed a few of them on our...

Commercial Space

To run and operate any enterprise , one needs commercial space, be it for office or retail, commercial designated space is required. We have many listings which will...

Agricultural Land

There are some investors, who do not think beyond “Land”. These investors can be either agriculturists, or land aggregators. Both of them need big land parcels with clean titles.

Industrial Unit / Factory

Most of the industries are coming up in the Government / state designated areas only. Now it is not possible to start a factory anywhere you wish to, at least in the metro and tier II...

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