Vijay Khetan Group – Leading Real Estate Developer to Scale Great Heights

Vijay Khetan Group is known to be a leader in real estate industry. Founded in 2001, the developer group has a unique presence in residential and commercial development. Under the well-known leadership of Mr. Vijay Khetan and meticulous planning from experienced and highly-skilled team, and the company has witnessed great heights and has become the topmost developer in the country. Vijay Khetan Group manifests luxury and excellence in both the commercial and residential segments. VKG is constantly setting the benchmarks of fineness and luxury by connecting with world-renowned designers and architects to deliver real estate projects. They maintain the combination of best industry practices and technological excellence.

In the ever-changing international market, VKG is motivated to bring something which is close to nature so you can experience the pleasure that is hard to find in the recent proliferation in Mumbai. They are providing the unique life experience to their clients. With every venture, whether it is residential, high-end commercial, SEZ, industrial or hospitality segment, you will find impeccable details, excellent quality, prime neighborhood and unmatched feeling of comfort and luxury. The developer undertakes constant efforts and planning to provide the best living to their clients and provide world-class standards to commercial clients when it comes to working conditions, choosing best prime locations and using unsurpassed technologies.

Investing in a property is one of the biggest life decisions to make. Hence, the developer constantly undertakes great supervision and research to ensure providing the best for their investment in a commercial or residential space. The developer is aimed to provide excellence in every project from them. They deliver the products with maintaining lifetime relationships with the customers. Their clients are known to be the key to success in their business. At VKG, they truly use the suggestions of clients to regularly improve and streamline their business operations to provide everything according to their aspirations. With the help of these practices, they have witnessed significant growth over the years. They have proven reputation in all of their operations and they really know how to deliver best in class residential and commercial properties.

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