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Transcon Developers Introduces Superior Residential Projects in Mumbai

 Transcon Developers was founded in the year 1985 by Mr. Kirti Kedia who aspires in creating a benchmark for him by distinguishing the company in the real estate industry. They have developed world-class homes and they truly built the sustainability. The developer incorporates world-class lifestyle in every aspect of the project. The developer is looking forward to provide the world-class residences which breathe. They have strategic planning into consideration which is all set to make presence in the market and showcase the difference between a home and a house. They have the flexibility to blend the flats into a designated recreational area. They are looking forward to deliver ample carpet area to the residents to stretch their dreams in the projects which are full of fresh air and natural light.

 The team of the developers believes and stands by with the future and engaged in changing their approach about sustainable lifestyle. They are looking forward to create awareness amidst the residents about the ethics of preserving and conserving the environment. Their principles include providing world-class living with the ample use of wind, light, power, water and raw material and they are working comfortably towards conserving the ecological system.

 All of their projects are designed on green building concepts. All of their projects are so amazing that people of all abilities and ages can enjoy the comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.  Every project they have developed is designed with complete brain storming and the finest resources and materials. They have their strong faith in creating homes, not flats and houses. They create homes where your kids can grow up and thrive with pleasant memories.

 Recently, the developer has delivered the project Tirumala Habitats in Mulund West, Mumbai. The project is perfectly designed by Reza Kabul architect. It is the 40+ iconic storied complex which is thoughtfully designed with attention to detail. It has over 1 acre of podium space for recreational activities. It delivers serene and tranquil environment in all the units. It is also developed with green initiative and has Platinum Rating from Green Building Council of India. It is stretched over 6.50 Lakh sq. ft.

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