Sheth Developers

Sheth Corp Becomes Leading Real Estate Company in India

It is the subdued tribute to the landscapes and its residences that makes Sheth Corp create landmarks in India. It was their philosophy that has witnessed a humble beginning and now transformed into a leading real estate company. Sheth Developers Pvt. Ltd was established by a visionary founder Mr. Ashwin Sheth in the year 1986 with their implacable and sound determination. Since inception, the company has been creating some of the leading townships, complexes and skyscrapers with their unwavering quality, resourceful planning and customer-focused designs. The portfolio of Sheth Developers features the construction of around 17000 homes, 15 million sq. ft. of development and delivery of over 60 projects across India.

Each project of Sheth Developers is well designed to provide value for lifetime which is just beyond the current generation. It ensures the delivery of world-class and luxurious projects from inception. The meticulous site planning and stepwise procedure is dully cherished with all the minute details and they are strictly adhered to be monitored at each stage by the in-house team of experts and Chief Project Engineer. The developer has appointed the world-renowned and independent companies for landscaping, layout and labor execution in their projects. The procedure of appointment is based on nature of the project and proven track record. In every stage, management has a personal involvement.

Sheth Developer has been focused on improving their real estate presence with a huge success rate. Sheth Estate International Limited is a completely-owned subsidiary and the international arm of Sheth Developers and is based in UAE. IRIS is its Dubai brand which is famous for structural masterpieces like IRIS Ora at Business Bay and IRIS Zuri at Waterfront in Dubai. IRIS has improved the ambition of Dubai with its commercial, residential and mix use developments by adhering to the quality standards of planning, design, luxury, location and comfort. Their belief is the only secret which escalates them to the topmost destination. Their firm belief to create ultimate structures without any tenets and formulas helped them to provide the adaptability and flexibility to all their projects.  They don’t believe in any boundaries when it comes to incorporate expertise and technology at the international level.

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