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About the Builder

QVC Realty – World-Class Real Estate Company Developing Signature Lifestyles

QVC Realty Co. Ltd is an equity funded private real estate company which is focused on introducing signature residential properties around several Tier-1 cities in the country. They are envisioned to develop world-class real estate which is perfect for the environmental and social context and with the clean focus on delivering value, superior quality and exceptional experience to the customers by making the process of buying home pleasurable and stress free. QVC Realty Co. Ltd brings a team of experienced and well qualified professionals together. The team consists of experts in design, land acquisitions, construction, marketing, finance, legal, property management and technology. They bring forth clear knowhow of target markets and the expertise which is important to deliver successful projects.

Currently, QVC Realty is developing a gated community featuring luxury villas, The Hills in Bangalore, along with two integrated projects, International City and G99 in Gurgaon. Along with these, they have world-class projects in Kochi and Chikmagalur in Karnataka. An IL&FS scheme from a SEBI registered Capital Fund has funded QVC Realty Co. Ltd. The QVC Realty is committed to deliver world-class projects with quality standards. The company is collaborated with the most capable leaders in the world and expertise to deliver advanced and world-class structures over the world and in India. The construction and design team delivers flawless execution and superior design to the projects.

Some of the key responsibility of the construction and design team of QVC Realty are legal compliance, site analysis, technical review, project planning, design management, bidding, contract documentation, negotiation, construction management, materials procurement, safety and quality control, and scheduling and budgeting. QVC Realty gets an edge in pursuing opportunities of the business with commitment to quality and transparency, a complete understanding of market, detailed feasibility analysis, and rigorous financial evaluation. From the very start of the process of development, the acquisition and strategy team is employing the innovative thinking and holistic analysis to develop the leading concepts and identify properties which will be marketed, executed and sold eventually. The acquisitions and strategy team is responsible in a lot of areas like market analysis, negotiation, title scrutiny, project feasibility and even more.

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