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Purohit Construction Envisions to Lead Real Estate Development in Gujarat

 From the blossoming start to becoming the ISO 9001:2000 Certified conglomerate, the history of Purohit Construction has been drafted in golden words when it comes to growth and success of the organization. The company has truly created an identity of themselves over the last 26 years by delivering world-class projects in the state of Gujarat and the structures can truly match with the best on planet. The developer owns its valued clients and partners and they have become the leading realty developer. Now they are touching the lives of millions and transforming their dreams into reality.Purohit Construction

 Chairman and MD, Mr. Narendra Purohit is said to be the mighty force and pioneer of this well disciplined company. After facing a lot of hardships in the past in the business of construction, Narendra Purohit finally commenced his voyage as a junior builder with “Ami” apartment. After facing lots of competition and hardships, he finally laid his first foundation stone at the major commercial hub, CG Road of Ahmadabad. He starts his business without forgetting the days of his struggle. He has the strong vision of commitment, stability and quality to stand out in competition and develop more innovative creations for low budgets.

 All such efforts are the pillars of his success as well as the company’s growth. This is the reason the company has become the leading real estate player in the marketplace of Gujarat. According to Mr. Narendra Purohit, quality of the project truly determines how you are going to value your ethics and work. He believes in providing everything perfect to their clients. They humbly learnt more from their past and they accept every given situation, whether it is favorable or unfavorable. They strive hard to develop better for their clients. They have commendable pace of growth and stable foundation. They are definitely poised to be the major and leading realty developers of the country.

 In the field of construction, he started small and laid the foundation of Ami Apartment, which was the first residential apartment developed by him in Ahmadabad. That was the time when company known as Purohit Constructions was established.

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