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 Started its operation in 2004-05 in India, Pacifica Companies is headquartered in Ahmadabad and its regional offices are located in Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. The offices are well located in the country with the vision of establishing the leading position in Indian real estate. The company has efficient policies of Foreign Investment in the country. The developer has targeted various big cities of India for launching its major projects. The growth of Pacifica Companies lies in its understanding of Indian marketplace. The real estate developer is truly based on its complete knowhow of global marketplace.Pacifica Companies

 Currently, the developer is developing its luxurious residential projects in Pune, Ahmadabad, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore with its global perspective and they are investing around $1 billion in their projects. Pacifica Companies is said to be the international team of creators which is focusing on developing the world-wide knowledge of realty market. They are focused in creating new benchmarks of excellence and they are going to deliver something beyond the expectations of the residents. This way, Pacifica companies is completely a world-class real estate developer. Pacifica Companies is vertically integrated, privately-owned real estate investor, developer, owner and investment manager.

 The company has seen significant growth over the three decades because of their unwavering commitment to quality, maintaining liquidity of high levels, opportunistic investment and having the vision of providing the right residence at the right place at right price. Pacifica Companies uses the appropriate skill sets to partner with financial institutions, pension funds, and investors as well as the real estate funds for developing the world-class real estate ventures. The vast real estate portfolio of Pacifica Companies includes mixed-use projects, five star hotels, development projects, offices, master planned societies, industrial complexes, senior housing assets, retail shopping centers, multifamily homes for sale and rent, single tenant leases and single family townships throughout India, Mexico and United States.

 Founded by Ash Israni in the year 1978, the company has grown at rapid rate. Currently, the company has around 80 executives in their headquarters located in San Diego, California and they have around 3000 employees in Asia and the US.

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