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Nagpal Builders to Shape Up and Pioneer the Concept of Farmhouse Lifestyle in India

 Established just 20 years ago, Nagpal Builders (India) Private Ltd is among the entry-level real estate developers. It was founded by Mr. Prem Nath Nagpal. He is the man behind the company shaping up and pioneering the idea of delivering Farmhouse lifestyle in modern India. Currently, the developer has come a long way with second generation, Mr. Kapil and Mr. Manoj who are introducing various new projects. They leave no stone unturned in considering every detail of the project. The developer handpicks the projects and adds quality and substance in it. They introduce boutique styled projects in and around the country. The real estate sector in India is in the quality and number game and they focus on quality only.

 Nagpal Builders has introduced over 200 ultra-modern residential complexes and 50 hi-end farmhouses in the country. They have also launched luxury villas in Haryana, Delhi, Mussourie, Shimla and Goa. They have developed various retail and commercial projects like 1 MG Road and 2 Business Towers in Okhla area. They are known as one of the premier real estate developers and builders with amazing portfolio. Nagpal Builders is one of the renowned builders for delivering the quality projects to the end users and investors. The developer maintains consistency of top level in their complexes and they earned great trust today.

 The developer believes in quality construction and craftsmanship at Nagpal Builders. They are looking forward to be the proud developer constructing next generation homes. Mr. Kapil Nagpal and Mr. Manoj Nagpal are the passionate duo who is taking forward the reputation of visionary founder with the aim to keep on growing as pioneers in developing world-class real estate space and eye for detail. Shri Prem Nath Nagpal was the visionary founder of Nagpal Builders who shaped up the farmhouse lifestyle and redefined the modern India with it. His vision and experience of over 5 decades in real estate industry, determination and foresighted approach led Nagpal Builder a name to reckon with Luxurious residential spaces and Farmhouse Living. Due to his ultimate entrepreneurial approach, the company has several innovations for attaining greater heights and sustainable growth in real estate market.

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