Machani Infra Introducing Modern Design Concepts in Residences

 Machani Infra is one of the most respected corporate houses in India and the foundations of the group were laid by Padmashri Machani Somappa in 1940. Machani Somappa was the man behind several profitable business ventures that will be helpful to achieve great social change. Currently, the Machani Group maintains this legacy of service and excellence with the positive commitment to business interests and philanthropy in diverse areas, such as Engineering, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Transport, Information Technology, Auto Dealerships, Rural BPO, Energy and Retail Brands. Machani Infra is the flagship infrastructure and real estate arm of Machani Group. The developer is looking forward to combine sustainability and luxury, and developing ecologically sound residential spaces to provide great comfort and lavish facilities.

 The MGB Group is among the highly acclaimed conglomerates in the country. It hails from the traditional industrial house which is known for great level of ethical conduct and accomplishment. They are all set to bring our strengths, inherent values and capabilities to the world.

 The Concept of Ananda

In Sanskrit, Ananda refers to balanced state of being and deep bliss. Machani Ananda is conceptualized with harmonizing tradition and modernity in both outdoors and indoors. The spacious residences have ample natural light and fresh air which shade well in their inner surroundings. The old-world wisdom of Purnatva and Vastu is known to be realized in new-age context. The modern residences are rooted with the link to nature and luxury and they are rooted well in timeless principles. The home at Machani Ananda is a great bliss where you can live in. Machani Ananda is more than just a name and it is a concept with which the new residential development is crafted from Machani Group. Here, you can create the blissful space for your own. It has acoustically treated and professionally designed, soundproof home theatres. The objects of the art truly reflect your taste and embellish your space. It has complete furnishing and décor designed for your home. The water gardens can definitely add natural element and visual interest. Your space is truly designed pleasurable and easy with a lot of features and services.

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