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Hindva Builders – The Epitome of Excellence and Dedication

 Hindva Builders is a brilliant construction company which is instantly growing in Gujarat. The builder strives hard to focus on all the aspects of civil engineering and is aimed to use the technology at its best in its respective fields. The experienced and dedicated team of executors and planners utilize their expertise with each other in order to transform the dream of the leaders into reality. Hindva has successfully achieved the designation by offering world-class services by fulfilling all the basic and important needs of their clients and providing endless amenities in all the projects, whether commercial or residential.

 Hindva Builders is a prosperous real estate developer and the brainchild of MK Group in real estate and construction phase. The foundation stone of the group was laid by Patel and Kheni, the two efficient families migrated from Saurashtra to Surat. MK Group has made their own empire over the last decade and earned great presence in the market for achieving success in different fields in India and across the world.  Along with enjoying active presence in manufacturing diamonds and their import-export, the group has also entered in mining and textiles businesses. Now they combined excellence and innovation. In order to make investment in clientele, MK Group has become very prosperous name and has earned great reputation for being responsible socially by staying active in activities of communal welfare.

 Their Values

Since inception, Hindva Builders has kept their reputation of honesty, integrity, and high quality secured for years. The company enjoys great presence in fulfilling their promises and they deliver the same to their clients. Hindva Builder remains honest in their communication and they are well coupled with quality construction and they have great reputation in market sphere.

 Safety & Health

For Hindva Builder, they consider proper amount of safety for the people. As always, Hindva tries to manage robust communication when it comes to safety and health standards in each of their projects. They endorse zero accident campaigns in all the sites. The top personnel and the promoters introduce brief sessions and safety instructions in sites in the safety exercises and training in the campaigns.

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