Avighna India Ltd

Avighna India Ltd Accentuates Mumbai with Impeccable Real Estate Projects

 Avighna India Ltd is considered to be the best real estate company in the city. The developer commands well and garners worldwide attention for constantly delivering new landmarks and setting new benchmarks in real estate market.  The developer started as a company engaged in shipping specialized petroleum products and then moved to trading with its own vessels for transport services across Asian and European markets. The developer has also started new ventures in buying retired ships, ship breaking, and breaking them off to sell the scrap and byproducts.

 Then, the company expanded its shipping services in the UAE as Nishant Import & Export Co. LLC and provided further services to the customers whenever the need increased. This quality of adaptability has truly ushered in the wave of success and the company has rapidly expanded over the industries. The willingness of the company to change the direction has truly created useful answers and ethically ideal solutions to ensure their considerable growth. The company shifted to Mumbai in 1999 and reincarnated as Avighna India Ltd. Avighna refers to ‘without obstacles’ and is related to ‘Lord Ganesha’ who is also the god of new ventures. It personifies the determination of company and steeps in its cultural heritage. The team has been evolved constantly to meet all the obstacles on its way. The developer has faced each hindrance over the past 25 years and became the opportunity to find new roads to business transformation.

 When looking for the best home for the family in Mumbai, Kailash Agarwal, Chairman, found the absence of quality in luxury housing. They found nothing but mediocre fulfillment when it comes to international lifestyle even in top choices. Hence, he decided to branch out again, but this time in Mumbai. Within a decade, the company ventured into real estate development. Avighna has introduced impeccable real estate creations in Mumbai and the portfolio of the developer includes huge range of premium luxurious properties with office towers high rises, and mixed used projects matching Indian culture with international aesthetics. Here every little detail has been designed to accommodate the diverse needs of families in India.

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