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ATS Greens – Live the Lifestyle with Comfort, Style and Luxury

 ATS Homes is providing each home with the hallmark of amazing amalgamation of comfort, luxury and elegance. ATS Homes have been designed well by considering the dreams of residents. Here, each brick laid signifies the unique and amazing craftsmanship and each apartment are designed with avant-garde work. ATS Greens is truly an architectural marvel designed well with lush greens and host of resident-friendly amenities. It is offering the potential homebuyers with ideal getaway from the mayhem of the city where they are located at the heart of the city. Here, you can truly celebrate life with the recurring theme of house planning and the residents may find it hard to get the break with the surreal magnificence of their residences. They can truly be greeted with lush greens and huge expanse of sprawling greens with quiet corners for socializing and relaxation. The homes are truly planned well where you can step out in the terrace with morning tea and enjoy the stroll in the evening and spend quality time in the vast gardens. It has the abundant greens where you can enjoy the tranquility and peace of mind.

 The company was formed around 17 years ago with ambitious commitment to redefine the parameters with which real estate giants are judged. The company is ambitious and it is aimed to usher in the era of integrity, professionalism, customer-centric approach and quality to prove its critics wrong. The company has developed various world-class projects and it has become the leading name in the real estate sector. They have the best in-house team of architects, engineers, designers and technicians. They have truly brought in great craftsmanship and passion to the ergonomic construction designs.

 The company is led by Mr. Getamber Anand, Managing Director and Chairman. He has a deep sense of creativity and commitment to excellence as a dynamic professional. The ATS team is proud to deliver far and beyond its promises. ATS is kept apart with quality living and it is offering splendid boutique homes to the customers. The home buyers have the sense of deep faith and it is as strong as its construction.

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