Atlanta Limited

Atlanta Limited Accelerates Growth with Innovative Real Estate Offerings

 The housing, infrastructure and real estate are known to be the backbone of the economy of the country and the driving factors for financial growth. The Technical Group on Estimation of Housing Shortage reports the shortage of 26.53 million properties estimated during 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12) leading to a great investment opportunity.Atlanta Limited

 As per the study at Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), India is leading the market of real estate investment in Asia. Released on December 2009, Urban Land Institute is a world-wide non-profit research and education institute. According to the report, Delhi and Mumbai are the great real estate destinations for investment in India. Residential properties are considered as more promising investment options than other sectors. In addition, the real estate developers are coming up with different commercial and residential projects in order to fulfill the ever-rising demand for commercial and residential properties in both Tier-III and Tier II cities. The growth is usually because of the rise in availability of land and demand for organized real estate at best prices in such cities.

 By considering the construction and development strengths ahead, Atlanta has a right blend of aesthetics to establish a leading firm in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, with a huge range of commercial and residential projects. When it comes to market trends in real estate sector, Atlanta Limited has raised its attentiveness to enjoy the benefits by investing in landscapes prudently with proper land titles and enjoyed success concurrently with expertise in various segments by developing residential and commercial projects in several emerging and prime locations of the city.

 The developer has long-standing sectoral image in executing and developing large-scale projects. Today Atlanta is on its way to develop appealing properties across Mumbai and is planning to develop world-class structures in all segments of real estate in the developing Tier II and Tier III cities. Today, Atlanta Limited is on its way to develop appealing properties with confidence that their positive initiatives with flourishing property market will help them to draw on their capacities and strengthen their presence in the market.

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