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Aagam Group – Real Estate Developer to Launch World Class Projects

Aagam Group Surat The brainchild of Mr. Shalin Shah (MD) who envisaged the concept of making wealth with land development for low, medium and high level investors. His exciting voyage in Aagam has become booming reality of development of wealth for both investors and Aagam Group. Investors were investing again in Aagam in a year and added more relatives and friends to invest in the group and the chain has extended to around 5000 investors today having emotional connection with the company. Their philosophy of People, Profit and Planet is embedded in each step measured by the group. The Aagam has been created by Mr. Shalin Shah entrenched with a heart in itself.Aagam Group Surat

He envisioned a group people look at as an individual with collective soul and heart. Today, the Aagam Group’s stakeholders have formed the broad fabrics of mutual respect and trust and it will last forever. His father and chairman, Mr. Abhay Shah has years of civil engineering experience with which he coined his abilities with Mr. Shalin Shah’s vision to launch a land development firm. Its success story is spoken as an important example of Gujarat’s globalization. Before Aagam Group, Mr. Abhah Shah also conducted more innovative developments in the 80s along with schemes like Nav Ratna, Nav Darshan, Nav Mangal and Nav Kalp, with the help of Mr. Chinu Bhai Shah, his father. The construction line has been running in the bloodstream of family since the year 1970.

Mr. Shalin Shah has excelled with unique qualifications in Finance and Constructions MBA which paved way to strong and gradual growth in the organization and the Group has seen steady development within just 6 years. Along with new concepts provided by the developer, but it also made great contribution to set the benchmarks in real estate world. At a very young age, Mr. Shalin Shah has gained the perseverance to achieve great target in the eyes of government and he was awarded with IEDRA (Indian Entrepreneurship Research & Development Award) New Delhi. He achieved the award when he was just 28 years old. The developer has introduced several new projects.

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