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Aagam Group Focuses on Providing Quality Living Space for All Budgets

 The brainchild of MD Mr. Shalin Shah, Aagam Group envisioned the world-class concept of making fortune by creating projects for all the high level, mid level and low level budgets. The exciting journey of Aagam Group commenced with the resounding development of wealth for both investors and the developer. Investors started reinvesting in Aagam Group within a year and added more relatives and friends invested in group and made an unbreakable chain. They have extended so well that they have around 5000 investors with having emotional connection in this group.  Their unique philosophy blends in People, Profit and Planet and all these elements are embedded in all the steps of the group.

 The creator of Aagam Group, Mr. Shalin has added his heart in it. He truly envisioned seeing the people looking upon with collective soul and heart in this group. The stakeholders have truly formed their thick fabrics of mutual respect and trust in this group and the developer is going on for witnessing eternity. Mr. Abhay Shah (Chairman and his father) had several years of experience in civil engineering and he used his abilities with Mr. Shalin Shah’s vision to introduce the real estate giant. The growth story of the company is the major epitome of globalization in the state. Today, sky is the limit for this company.Aagam Group

 Before getting engaged with the company, Mr. Abhay Shah had also started more amazing developments in the 1980s in order to develop several schemes like Nav Mangal, Nav Darshan, Nav Kalp and Nav Ratna, with the support of Mr. Chinu Bjai Shah (his father). In actual, the construction series has been flowing in the bloodstream of family since the 70s. Mr. Shalin Shah has truly excelled with incredible qualifications in Finance and Construction MBA. The developer has truly paved the way for strong and gradual growth within the company and it has truly led the significant growth of the developer over 6 years. They have added several new concepts in the real estate development and they have truly found tremendous growth and development in the society and made amazing contribution on setting the benchmarks in the field of real estate.

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